Belly Fat

To reduce belly fat, a holistic approach to health care is required.  The reduction of belly fat is an urgent medical problem, as its presence can have such a major effect on the functioning of the vital organs, including the heart.  It is not sufficient to take a pill and hope it goes away, or to start a gentle exercise program.  A thorough analysis of the cause is required, and a natural but aggressive approach is needed to reduce the danger as quickly and safely as possible.

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belly fatIf you are overweight, you are uncomfortable. But if your excess weight includes weight around your mid-section, or belly, that is dangerous.

According to Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, M.D., senior author and a cardiologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochestor,

“We knew from previous research that central obesity is bad, but what is new in this research is that the distribution of the fat is very important even in people with a normal weight. This group has the highest death rate, even higher than those who are considered obese based on body mass index. From a public health perspective, this is a significant finding.”

The main problem is that belly fat includes what is known as visceral fat, which is fat that gathers around the vital organs. And too much fat on your body is often linked to chronic health problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Visceral fat itself is often made up partly of adipose tissue, which is been recently recognised as a major endocrine organ, and thought to produce such hormones as leptin, estrogen and resistin. Plus the presence of adipose tissue in visercal or belly fat can affect the functioning of the organs it is smothering.


If you are truly SERIOUS about reducing your belly fat in St Louis, call 314-282-3990 now and book for one of Dr Raj's free seminars in St Louis MO.