Low or Hypo-Thyroid

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According to the latest statistics, approximately 20 million people in America are plagued by some form of thyroid disease, many of whom are undiagnosed.

Typical symptoms of thyroid disorders include:

increased appetite
increased heart rate
heart palpitations
increased blood pressure
diarrhea, trembling hands
muscle weakness
the appearance of a goiter
decreased heart rate
sensitivity to cold
tingling or numbness in hands.

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Dr Raj Banerjee says…
I want to show you WHY you’re not getting healthier or feeling any better, why you’re so tired, and why you’ve been struggling in vain to lose your ugly, body-fat.

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Fix your thyroid NOW


Your thyroid.

Fix it and you can immediately stop your downward spiral of poor health and weight gain.

But did you know?…

Hypothyroidism is one of the most deadly, silent killers. But most doctors miss it completely.


Because people go to their doctor with all these nagging symptoms. And the doc comes back and says: “your lab tests are normal”.

As you sit staring in amazement thinking, “No, everything is NOT fine”…

The root cause goes undiagnosed and untreated.

Especially if you don’t tell your Doctor the specific tests you need done, to rule out hypothyroidism.

You MUST do this ASAP, because…

The health of your thyroid is
the most important [but often neglected] factor
in your overall health

… and an un-healthy thyroid plays a direct role in the development heart disease, cancer, and so many major diseases today.

Did you know that?

It’s true.

And did you know?

Depending on who you ask you have anywhere from between 15 trillion to 100 trillion cells in your body.

That’s a crazy number!

Anyway, I mention this because…

Every single one of the 15 trillion plus cells in
your body is dependent on thyroid hormone so
they can produce energy and function properly

And when you become hypothyroid, you don’t get the thyroid hormone you need to your cells to keep them happy, it can have an extremely adverse effect on every cell, tissue, organ, and system in your entire body.

And I bet you don’t realize it but…

…you’re killing you’re thyroid every single day by:

  • Eating the wrong kinds of foods. Foods that you believe to be healthy but are toxic to your thyroid
  • Ignoring vital nutrients that are pre-cursors for your thyroid and metabolism to be healthy…
  • Shutting down your hormone feedback cycles
  • Perpetuating hormonal imbalances that spiral your body into burnout and chronic fatigue…
  • Using dangerous drugs and supplements that are full of excipient products and fillers

Like you, most of my patients had no idea they were killing their thyroid.

And even fewer knew how bad their thyroid health really was.

They were ignorant to the fact that their thyroid was keeping them sick, fat, and exhausted.

And there’s a good chance your thyroid has been damaged as well.

The good news is: It CAN be fixed.

You overcome hypothyroidism
by correcting the root cause of it, and…

… I’ll teach you to do it naturally, with
NO DRUGS or nasty side effects

Get started today, by calling 314-282-3990 and book for one of Dr Raj’s free seminars in St Louis MO.


If you are truly SERIOUS about fixing your thyroid, call 314-282-3990 now and book for one of Dr Raj's free seminars in St Louis MO.