Menopause Problems

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Approaching menopause, many women will experience symptoms.  There is a wide range of such symptoms, such as moodiness and vaginal discomfort, through to hot flashes and joint discomfort.

menopause problemsBut, all too often, these symptoms are not directly caused by the menopause itself.  Rather they are caused by adrenal fatigue, from living a western lifestyle.

Outside North America and Europe, menopause is often treated very differently.  Due to a much healthier diet and liftestyle, menopause symptoms are much more rare.  Menopause is simply another phase in life, and is not considered to be a disease.

If your adrenal and thyroid glands are functioning properly, you should not experience major menopausal problems.  There is a strong relationship between the proper functioning of both the adrenal and thyroid glands, and the balancing of hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone, and the stress hormone cortisol.

This complex inter-relationship is often not properly understood by medical professionals, who all too often are under pressure from drug manufacturers to prescribe HRT, artificial hormone treatment, or worse – hysterectomy.

Rather, the imbalance that causes menopause symptoms is actually the result of decades of imbalance in the body caused by stress.  Not just emotional stress, but the stresses placed on the body through years of pressure on the adrenal system to balance the unhealthy stresses we have been placing on our bodies through diet and lifestyle.

When your brain perceives stress, the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol are released by the adrenals to help your body respond to the stress, whether it is emotional or physical.  If this occurs daily over many years, your cortisol levels remain high, and symptoms of adrenal imbalance result.  Then, during perimenopause (the time leading up to menopause), the ovaries naturally slow down production of sex hormones.

While under stressful circumstances, the adrenals tone down stress first, leaving very few resources for maintaining sex hormonal balance.  This leads to intensified menopausal and adrenal symptoms.  A vicious cycle.

If you are truly SERIOUS about getting help for menopause problems in St Louis, call 314-282-3990 now and book for one of Dr Raj's free seminars in St Louis MO.